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Check out 24-hour telephone banking system. You can get a wide variety of information on your checking and savings accounts, your Certificate of Deposit, and your loans.  To transfer a maximum of $500 between accounts or for more information contact us at 316-542-3142 or 1-888-522-7221.

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Instead of writing a check for purchases use our VISA Check Cards. They are quick and convenient. You can also use them for cash at an ATM. They have a $1,000 daily limit. Applications are available in our lobby. Please contact us for more information. Contact Citizens State Bank at (316)542-3142 to find out how you can apply for a Visa Check Card today!

Click here for more information on how a Visa Check Card works.


  *Effective April 4th, 2008, Visa USA will change the conditions in which they charge financial institutions its International Service Assessment. In the past, Visa has charged the cardholder on all international transactions involving a currency conversion (multi-currency international transactions). As of the effective date, this will change to also include all international transactions that do not involve a currency conversion (single currency international transactions). A 0.80% Cross Border Fee will be assessed on all single currency International transactions.  

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Card Sentry is a proactive risk management tool that is free for all debit card/check cardholders at Citizens State Bank.

This tool reviews cardholder activity for any unusual transactions and creates alerts that are reviewed by fraud analysts on behalf of Citizens State Bank. If we notice any unusual activity on your account, we’ll contact you to verify the charges. Our fraud analysts will never ask for full card numbers, account information or social security numbers. They will merely ask to speak with the cardholder, identify the transactions(s) in question and ask you to confirm if they are valid or not. It is important that we have your current contact information, including your work, home, and cell phone numbers.

Additionally, if you are going out of town on business or vacation, please notify us of your travel plans so we can monitor your card activity while you travel and eliminate undue concerns for unusual activity.

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Please call and inquire regarding our overdraft transfer protection plan.  Requirements for this service include two checking accounts, or one checking and one savings account. We will transfer in $100.00 increments from another checking or savings account in your name.  The fee for each transfer will be $15.00. An agreement form needs to be signed to make the transfers.

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5" X 4" X 21"

3" X 9" X 21"

5" X 9" X 21"


$20 Per Year

$30 Per Year

$40 Per Year


$22 Per Year

$32 Per Year

$42 Per Year

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