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November 2015 


 Citizens State Bank will begin ordering the new debit cards with EMV chips in 2016.

 Please watch the video below for information about using the new EMV chip credit and debit cards.

 EMV Chip Information


 December 2011


Change to


U.S. Savings


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Paper savings bonds will no longer be

sold at financial institutions after

December 31, 2011.

But they're not going away, you can

purchase bonds online through

Treasury Direct.


 February 24, 2011 - Direct Deposit and Your Bank





Your Bank

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Americans who enroll for federal government benefit payments - including Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Affairs, Office of Personnel Management and Railroad Retirement Board - on or after May 1, 2011 will receive them only by direct deposit (or the government's Direct Express Debit MasterCard program).

Any person that now receives paper checks for government benefit payments will be switched to direct deposit or the government debit card by March 1, 2013.

If you as a beneficiary do not specify direct deposit into your bank, you will automatically be enrolled in the government debit card program.


There are many good reasons for you to use direct deposit services. Here are just three:

SAFE: It lessens your chances of becoming a fraud victim.

EASY: You don't have to take any action - on the scheduled day the payment is sent electronically to your account.

FAST: Your money is in the bank and immediately available to you.

Take action today and learn how easy it is to arrange for direct deposit.




 If you apply for benefits on or after May 1, 2011 then you must choose an electronic payment option at the time you sign up for your benefits. If you wish to direct your money into your bank account, you will want to have the following information on hand at the time you apply for your benefits.

You will need three pieces of information to arrange direct deposit:

1.  Your bank routing number

2.  Your account number (see  graphic)

3.  Account type (checking or saving)

 If you are currently receiving benefit payments by paper check: You must switch to electronic payments before the March 1, 2013 deadline. Switching from checks to direct deposit is fast, easy and free at , by calling the U.S. Treasury Processing Center's toll-free helpline at (800)333-1795, or by calling your banker.


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